Dave White Paintings

Dave White Paintings is a artist and his work celebrates the very popular culture by interpreting emotive issues in a beautifully stylistic yet striking manner. He engages with his subjects through a visual language, whilst exploring the theme of endangered species. He paints a wide variety of subjects with varying degrees of realism, using oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache and ink

Dave White Paintings has enjoyed a growing success since the 80’s, having been selected for the Northern Graduates exhibition at the Royal College of Art in 1984, where he first exhibited animal portraiture. This was followed by an exhibition at Sotheby’s London to celebrate the Blue Cross centenary and continued with international art fairs.

In 2002, Dave white Paintings pioneered the ‘Sneaker Art’ movement through his masterful execution of pop art inspired sneaker portraits, which has lead to fruitful and long-term collaborations with Nike and Jordan.

Dave White exhibits internationally throughout the Europe, Asia and USA.