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6 Factors that Influence Employee Performance

6 Factors that Influence Employee Performance

As a leader, you must understand well the conditions of your employees. Many factors influence employee performance. Here are 5 factors that affect employee performance.

1. Condition of office facilities
The presence or absence of facilities and infrastructure that supports an employee working in the office. With the facilities available, are the employees able to carry out their duties to the maximum or not?

ou want the performance of your employees to be good, while you don't provide adequate facilities to support their work, then it's just a lie.

For example,

You are a new company (startup) where facilities are still minimal. To overcome this, provide employees with initial guidance (for example when hiring employees) so that employees have a commitment from the start to work optimally even with minimal facilities.

However, different cases if the company is already established, it turns out that there are minimal facilities, then employee performance will certainly be hampered due to facilities.

2. The condition and atmosphere of the work environment
In addition to office facilities, the office environment is also very influential on the performance of your employees. What is included in the work environment?

For example;

What is the atmosphere of the office space, for example what color the wall paints in the office, how wide the office space is in the office,
Well, to create a conducive and comfortable work environment it is necessary to organize and make small, mutually agreed rules.

For example, avoid mocking fellow employees, get used to throwing trash in its place, or just greeting with the greeting "hello" every time you meet.

Did you know, 80% of employees resign if the environment in which they work is not conducive.

As a matter of fact, a good work environment has a workspace that is suitable for the number of employees, lighting lamps and comfortable temperatures.

These simple things are factors that influence employee performance in a company.

3. Make clear work priorities
Delegate a clear workflow, have a clear SOP, so that employees will work following existing SOP (standard operational procedures).

There will be no confusion between employees, with work priorities there will be efficiency and effectiveness in the work.

Give clear work priority to your employees. Do not burden too many tasks with employees, so they will feel confused where the work must be prioritized first which is not.

Give enough time for employees to do their work one by one with the timeline and SOP, if it turns out that there are important jobs that are incidental in nature, they must work on them. Be smart about tinkering with the deadline schedule of work that was previously or is being worked on. Give understanding to employees, so they can work calmly and on time.

4. Support and support from superiors
As  a good leader , you must listen to the opinions and ideas of your employees. Support them in conveying new ideas and ideas during meetings. Involve them in solving an existing problem.

Listen to their ideas, because in the end this idea will bring progress to the company. Invite them to take an active role in making important breakthroughs in the company.

5. Give appreciation and bonus
Give appreciation to your employees every time they finish working on a task. Every employee will work with all abilities if the work they do is valued by the company. Not only appreciated with bonus money, but also with appreciation of praise from superiors.

6. Make a report card for employees
Make report cards to motivate employees to improve their performance in the office. With a report book that is owned by every employee, you will easily assess and give appreciation to outstanding employees.

Report cards can be made with various assessments, such as discipline, performance, and so on. Can be given every 3 months to once a year.

7. Block social media sites that can interfere with employee performance
Social media sites can interfere with the performance of your employees, especially if they are surfing social media while they are working. Therefore blocking social media sites that would be used by employees for killing time.

Of course with the rules at the beginning. That it is not permissible to use social media while working.

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