Saturday, 23 February 2019

5 Tips for Success in Facing Job Interviews at Dream Companies

5 Tips for Success in Facing Job Interviews at Dream Companies

The survey results state that most companies assess that prospective employees who do not have enough knowledge about the company where they apply are the most common mistakes made by job applicants. Logically, if you want to work in a company, it is the workers who represent the company's image, so it's clear why you should know the ins and outs of your dream company? For this reason, open  their website and dig up information, the easiest, search for their mission and match it with your personal mission.
You have to believe, that clothes can be a determining factor, Bela. Regardless of the type of work being applied for, wearing professional clothing is indeed highly recommended by HR managers. Don't try to wear fashionable, trendy and striking clothes, Bela. Wear clothes that emphasize your professionalism and imply that you deserve to be trusted .
 Suggested, so that a few days before the interview you already know the place. In fact, if you have had to see the location where your job interview was held, it was held. Also, try to arrive ten minutes earlier than the specified interview time. If you are forced to be late because there is a disturbance on the trip, immediately inform the company or the interviewer.

Even if you have sent a resume before, you are still obliged to bring a resume again during the interview. Yes, if your company has printed it and brought it at the interview, if not then you will facilitate their work and they will be impressed by your readiness. Also make sure you take the time to update your resume. Because, many companies use resumes as a benchmark for interview activities.

With a smile, you seem to show the recruiter that you are someone who is highly enthusiastic about the job openings offered. Meanwhile, you also have eye contact to do even though you are actually feeling nervous. Because, lack of eye contact can actually show your lack of interest in the work offered. Strapping posture is also recommended in this case, avoid crossing your arms over your chest or bowing.
Are you ready to pick up a career in the dream company, Bela? Don't forget to learn questions that might be asked by the recruiter. Remember, never give a statement without facts.

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