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15 Ways to Manage Work Space to Be Comfortable

15 Ways to Manage Work Space to Be Comfortable

1. Install wallpaper in the workspace
On average in each office the dominating wall paint is white or any other stiff color that sometimes saturates.

If you want the workspace to be different, you can add attractive and pictorial wallpapers, but still within reasonable limits.

With the existence of a different display on the wall of the workspace, it will usually make fresh and uplifting work.

How to organize the workspace by installing wallpaper has been done in several workplaces. That way the work room doesn't look stiff and "scary".

2. Place the computer screen accordingly on your work desk
At present almost all companies, agencies, and institutions use computers or laptops to work.

It's just that many place the computer in an inappropriate position. Like a table too high or the position of the computer under the position of your eyes when sitting.

This can result in neck pain or discomfort in other limbs while working.

Therefore, the way to organize your workspace is to change the position of your computer screen or desk for your computer or laptop.

The ideal position to place your computer screen is with your eye level. If indeed it is not possible to use a Bluetooth keyboard to be able to type in a comfortable place. That way, there will be no more complaints of tired eye pain, and so on.

3. Set the seat as comfortable as possible
A seat or chair is the most important facility for those of you who work in a room. Therefore, when you want to organize your work space, don't forget to change your seat comfortably.

The seat you have can be added with a sitting pillow that fits you. Or if the seat is damaged you can ask to replace it with a better and more comfortable one in your opinion.

How to organize the workspace in terms of seating must be included in your list when you want to renovate the room. Because without a comfortable seat, you will not be able to work properly.

Remember! When buying or choosing a seat, try the chair you choose has the right foam and the seat position is not too high or too short.

4. Trim stationery in a place
It is not strange if there is a lot of stationery on the table which includes pens, pencils, rulers, glue, sticky notes, and so on. The stationery is usually stored on a table and placed in a desk drawer.

No wonder this stationery is often lost because it forgot to put it or borrowed by someone else. therefore to make stationery more neat and not scattered it should be stored in a special storage box .

By tidying it in a special place it will look more neat, easy to find, and of course pleasing to the eye.

Sometimes the way to organize a workspace that starts from tidying up this office stationery escapes attention. Therefore, immediately enter your shopping list when you will organize your work space comfortably.

5. Regulate and improve office room lighting
The way to organize the next workspace is to organize or improve office room lighting . This is very important because it will have an impact on your health, especially eye health.

If you feel your office space is very minimal lighting can be added by installing the appropriate lamp.

Even managing or repairing lighting does not always have to use electricity. Perhaps there are cabinets or other objects that block the lighting that enters your work room.

Because it can change the position of the closet, seat or table so that natural lighting from outside can enter your work space.

However, if it does not allow another alternative that can be done is to install a small table lamp so that the lighting on your office desk can be overcome properly.

6. Create additional boards in strategic locations
No doubt, someone who works in the room needs a lot of notes to start the job.

The note is usually a memo for yourself, from other people, and also your boss. Therefore, in order not to forget to keep important records, make a board that can be stored in a strategic place.

The strategic place in question can be installed on the side of your desk or installed in front of your work desk when it is close to the wall. Do not forget before being affixed to the wall, make sure not to damage the office wall and have the permission of the party responsible.

If it has been placed in a strategic place, the board can be filled with memos or important notes for your guidance when carrying out work.How to organize this workspace will be effectively carried out together and included in your supervisor's instructions. Because then there will be more misunderstandings at work.

7. Add glass to the workspace
How to organize a workspace with a minimalist size can be done by adding glass in the room.

By installing glass in your work room, the minimalist room will expand. It can also avoid saturation during work because what is seen is not only walls but glass that reflects the entire room.

8. Add family photos
How to organize the workspace can then add a family photo. These photos can be used as an element of encouragement and motivation when you work.

To save family photos can be stored on the table using the figure. Or stick it on a work board that you put on the wall.

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