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13 Tips to Become a Leader or Leader Preferred by Subordinates

13 Tips to Become a Leader or Leader Preferred by Subordinates

Besides being a good leader does not necessarily mean implementing an absolute monarchy system. so that as they please send their men and make their own decisions without too bothering the thoughts of his men.

To better understand how you should be a leader or leader who likes his subordinates, let's follow the 13 tips below:

1. Being a good leader or leader is not cool and stingy
What is meant is that when you meet with subordinates outside the office do not hesitate to reprimand first. Also if there are subordinates who need help in work or other things, at least show your caring. There are many ways to show that caring, do it enough and make sure it makes your subordinates comfortable.

2. Being a good leader or leader always exemplifies discipline of time
Many things are concerned with time, of course. Such as consistent departure hours can make you a role model for your subordinates. Other things such as being right on time will finish work will also make you respected and a good example of course. The accuracy or discipline of the time that is maintained will also make everything to the maximum in the results.

3. Being a leader must be consistent with the rules
This is something that is very crucial for the company. When you authorize a regulation for a company, don't ever violate it and avoid regulations that confuse subordinates. Intended to make confusion is a regulation that is half-hearted or unclear in its direction. Because that will actually make subordinates less respectful of you.

4. Being a leader or leader is required to be fair
Very closely related to the previous point with this number four point to be a leader who is loved by his subordinates. Where you are required not to discriminate against subordinates or easier to be fair to all subordinates.

If indeed there are those who violate or underestimate the rules, give punishment according to what they violate. Be like you become a judge in a case, where justice is the absolute thing in it.

As a boss, do not ever discriminate between employees, for example more respect for permanent employees than contract employees, or prefer to appoint employees who are more familiar than lifting contract employees into permanent employees with performance appraisals.

5. Good at reading situations
Being a good leader or leader is also required to always be able to protect his subordinates in order to get a conducive work situation. An event, gossip, problems between employees or talk that is not yet clear, are examples of some things that you must know. Because by understanding the company's work environment, of course, it will make it easier for you to mingle and get employees who are consistent and loyal in terms of work.

6. Master the job
Being the meaning of mastering a job does not mean requiring you to understand in detail all areas of work within the company. Intended here is to identify all the core aspects of each type of work that is in the company. So that if one day there are subordinates who ask, at least you can answer the core of the aspect in question.

7. Make communication and interaction well
A leader or leader must always be friendly with anyone at the office. For example, one time visit a work desk or subordinate work room and do simple conversations so that subordinates are not too saturated. If you have other free time, try to take subordinates to take lunch together or just drink coffee to get to know each other more deeply.

8. As a leader, give guidance on the instructions you give
Intending to reduce the occurrence of miss communication or non-technical errors in the work, of course you must do this. To be a good leader or leader, always give more explanation to subordinates so that they can do your instructions well. Because not all of your subordinates have the same catch in carrying out an instruction.

9. Dispose of bad behavior or habits
An actual thing not only has to be done if it becomes a leader, but everyone including no exception of other employees in the company. But of course it must begin with yourself as a leader. Because you throw away bad behavior that means negative, of course, will make subordinates imitate it. Because surely a good subordinate starts from a good leader too.

10. Give appreciation or reward
To maintain the stability of work that is satisfying, of course, apresiasilah will speak. Appropriate appreciation or reward is given to subordinates who deserve to, of course, will always make the work results or targets of the company to be achieved to the maximum.

Each appreciation should also be balanced with a portion of work or a reasonable target. It is intended as an appropriate target to be obtained, not only according to personal will but must still be guided by the matter concerned with that target. In other words it is not impossible to achieve.

11. Maintain a firm attitude
A leader who always protects employees does not mean eliminating his firmness. Because after all the firmness in the lead is still needed by a leader himself.

12. Keep working with the team
In making a decision or a new policy, of course, the biggest voice is in you, a leader. But that does not mean that all that is as good-win in the eyes of other employees. To be a good leader, it is mandatory to always maintain the cohesiveness of subordinates.

For that, in all new decisions or policies that are concerned with the company, they must be weighed and discussed with a team that you trust. That way of course it will always maintain the integrity of the company both from the foundation and the roof.

13. Receive input properly
The latter is what you sometimes ignore as a leader. Even incoming criticism or simple advice, you should never just ignore it. Accept and digest well for the sake of the formation of the identity of a good leader, of course. Because all of that is included in your journey to become a leader who will be loved by employees.

By maintaining consistency in every step taken, which means that as a good leader a leader must always aim for the prosperity of many people in this case your subordinates.

As a good leader, try to always give maximum contribution and always try to be the best for your company. But if there are still those who do not like the steps, decisions, or policies that you take, make it a bonus in your life.

One more thing you need to know to be a good leader. Never consider your employees as people you can ask for whenever you need. Because you need to remember, they are also humans just like you who have the power and ability that can not be separated from lack.

Hopefully the article "Tips to Become a Leader or Leader" can add to your insight later if you become a leader and useful to apply later.

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