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10 Ways to Maintain Potential and Best Employees of the Company

10 Ways to Maintain Potential and Best Employees of the Company

Recognize the Causes of Employees Resigning

Before discussing ways to maintain potential employees to work longer hours. It's good to first be able to recognize the cause of the employee resigning.

That way, you as a company leader can do an evaluation as well as a solution to these problems. The main causes that commonly occur in company employees who resign are as follows:

1. There is a conflict with the boss or other employees
In every company there must always be conflicts that occur either with superiors or fellow employees.

The conflicts that occur are of a mild nature and also heavy depending on the individual to be able to deal with and resolve them.

2. Working Doesn't Fit His Ability
Everyone has different talents and interests, therefore every company leader must know the potential of his employees so that they are not wrong in placing.

3. Working Time More Than Holiday Time
If the employee is too much forced to work then saturation will come to him. That way they will also choose to resign and choose other companies that are more "friendly".

4. Salary Received Does Not Match the Workload Done
Every employee who works has a main goal in order to earn. If the income earned is not in accordance with the work done, then gradually the employee will choose to resign and look for a more decent job.

5. There is no opportunity to rise in position
Employees who have served for a long time in your company deserve to be given the opportunity to move up to a higher level.

If this is not implemented in your company, then it can result in the release of the best and loyal employees in your company. They will think there is no self-development that can be done at the company.

6. Companies Not Considering Employee Welfare
In addition to the salary expected by employees, they also need a decent welfare, especially for their families.

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If this is not enough or not considered, the employees will resign and prefer companies that pay attention to the welfare of their employees.

How To Maintain Potential Company Employees To Last Longer

 After knowing the cause, the company management, especially company leaders, can do a way to maintain potential employees. The methods that can be done are as follows:

1. Create a comfortable work atmosphere
Everyone needs the name of comfort, whether it's comfort to make friends or to work. Comfort in the company can be done from company regulations that do not make employees afraid and depressed.

Furthermore, it can also be done from the leadership who enforce a program that refers to the collaboration between fellow employees or between employees and superiors.

For example, taking a walk with employees, having dinner together, responding quickly when there are employees who are affected or sick, giving gifts when happy moments, and so on.

2. Providing Appreciation for Employee Hard Work
The slightest appreciation is highly anticipated and awaited by the employees. Therefore, if you are always the leader of the company and give an assignment to employees until they can finish it well, don't forget to give it an appreciation.

Appreciation can be given with a word and words of motivation so that employees can continue to excel . In addition, it can also provide reasonable and acceptable gifts for your employees.

If the project you are working on is quite large, you can give a bonus or work leave. That way your employees feel valued both from their existence and from the hard work they do.

3. Involve Employees for Company Progress
The company you lead is truly yours. However, the company will not develop well if there is no team that helps you to develop it better.

The team referred to clearly is the employees you recruit to help you develop the company to be even better.

Therefore the employee is not someone you can order arbitrarily. They also have a stake in the company's progress.

So, when you want to advance the company, involve your employees to argue and give their best ideas in displaying the company.

That way you will know the greatest desire of employees when working with you. And this method is very effective so that your employees do not resign and keep working with you for a long time.

In addition to knowing the greatest desires of employees, what is suggested by them can have a positive effect on the progress of the company you lead.

4. Give the appropriate salary increase for your employees
The monthly salary that your employees receive is an achievement they have been waiting for. Of course from these salaries they can support their families to get a decent life.

Therefore, never interfere with the rights of your employees by cutting your salary or not giving it at all. Because if this happens in the company, then one by one the employees at the company will resign.

Give a salary that matches your position or employee performance. If your employees are potential employees, then give them salary intensive that suits what they do. Do not arrive, they come out because they feel they are not in accordance with what they are doing.

You can make a salary increase according to the loyalty and work capacity of employees in your company.

By applying a fair salary, they can become potential employees whose loyalties need not be doubted.

5. Position Promotion for Potential Employees
Every employee certainly needs a name for change. The intended change can be in terms of salary and also promotion. Therefore, the management of the company must be able to see the best potential of its employees.

The aim is that employees who have more potential or are said to be potential employees can occupy the best positions than before.

With this position, employees feel valued and have a better future in your workplace. Then if this is applied. Your potential employees will not resign and look for other companies.

The application of this promotion can certainly be applied to every employee who works in your company. However, employees who can get this promotion must be able to pass the assessment procedures set by the company.

The goal is none other than to get employees who truly have extraordinary potential and are eligible to occupy these positions.

6. Give Employees the Opportunity to Innovate
Directing and describing work for employees is mandatory. However, the company, especially a leader, must provide opportunities for employees to be able to innovate in carrying out their work.

The innovation made by these employees is able to keep them in the company because they feel involved in the development and progress of the company.

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If this is not implemented, the company will never know which employees have extraordinary potential.

The employees will feel depressed and lazy to work because the best ideas they have never get full appreciation and support from the company.

If so, they will choose other companies that are more open to the creative ideas they have.

7. Decorate the Workplace Comfortably

If at the beginning of this discussion the discussion about the work atmosphere, then at this point we will discuss about the workplace decoration of employees comfortably. Because according to existing research, the average employee wants a workplace that is comfortable for them.

This is very reasonable, where an ordinary office is used as a second home for employees who are more in the office than at home.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many employees want to decorate the workplace as they wish.

With this research, the company must be able to see an opportunity that can make them comfortable in the office environment.

The management of the company can decorate the office comfortably like a house. Or it could also decorate an office that doesn't look like an office in general.

With a different atmosphere, your employees will feel at home and comfortable because the company can fulfill the wishes of its employees, including in terms of office decoration.

8. Give Employees Working Time and Holidays in a Balanced manner
Every company must have its own target that must be achieved every month. However, these targets should not be used as an excuse to be able to hire your employees arbitrarily.

If the company continues to burden employees with jobs without pauses or sufficient time off. Then we can be sure that your employees will resign on the grounds that they feel burdened.

In order for this to not happen, all you need to do is give the appropriate holiday time. The vacation time that your employees use is certainly very meaningful, considering that everyone has a feeling of being bored with the routine he has been carrying out so far.

The time off that is given to your employees will have a new and lasting effect on your employees. So that when they work again they can do work without the other burdens it faces.

9. Give Training for Employee Self Development
In order for your employees to work better, what must be done is to provide training such as training, seminars, etc. for your employees.

With the training carried out the knowledge they have can develop well and certainly can have a meaningful effect on the progress of your company.

The training that is followed by your employees can be tailored to each field or division, for example, finance, marketing, customer service, and so on.

With the provision of these training facilities, employees will feel at home because the company does not only work but can get the knowledge they want.

10. Improving the Quality of Company Management
The employee who resigns from the company is one reason because it is not in accordance with the company's management. These reasons are usually from the personal and from the system issued by company management.

If because the management of this company is expressed more by the employees, then inevitably the management must conduct a thorough evaluation of the policies that have been issued.

There is nothing wrong if the management wants to issue a rule, first asking for an opinion questionnaire from its employees. The questionnaire contains about employee satisfaction with management and also their desires and expectations for the company.

If this has been implemented, the employees and management will no longer intersect. With such a small possibility the company employees will resign themselves and move to the company.

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