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10 Tips To Be A Boss That Is Able To Motivate Employees

10 Tips To Be A Boss That Is Able To Motivate Employees

1. Give employees an explanation of career paths
Every employee certainly hopes to get a promotion or commonly called a promotion. Give them a real promise about that. But that way you do not necessarily remain silent as your boss, motivate your employees with training for the advancement of knowledge for your employees' careers.

That way employees will always have enthusiasm in work, because they will think about how to have more positions than before. In addition to the promotion or change of position also makes employees not bored in work.
2. Build trust
Just like establishing a household relationship, the relationship between you and your employees also cannot be separated from mutual trust. Because this becomes an important thing for building a company with a strong team. With the trust between you and your employees, it will also make the atmosphere at work more enjoyable.

One thing to avoid to get it is to avoid gossiping about employees and vice versa. Besides, never lie about work. And there are many more things you can do to build that trust.

3. Give appreciation even if it's a small thing
Never have you as a boss only oppressed employees with jobs without any appreciation in them. Every now and then you need to give appreciation even if it is only a simple matter. Always follow the positive development of your employees, so you know exactly how you should appreciate it.

A form of appreciation to employees , however small will make employees motivated to always improve their work. The motivation of this one employee should not be ignored, because of course employees really hope to get something appropriate for him if they do positive things for his company.
 4. Receive and appreciate new employee ideas
A company is certainly required to always be able to issue new innovations, without any creative and innovative employees it will be impossible to obtain. That way you never underestimate the new ideas that your employees convey to the company.

Try to always accept the idea, of course, digested afterwards. Who knows the new idea, can make your company grow more. If you can implement this, it will not be imaginary if employees will continue to be motivated at work.

5. Help employees develop and learn
Employees are certainly not enemies for you as a boss. They certainly have a uniqueness with their own shortcomings and advantages. Make it one of the diversity in your company.

In addition, you should never feel threatened by employees who have more ability in their fields compared to your abilities. Encourage employees to always develop and learn in this field. With that employees will feel always motivated by their abilities and will certainly be beneficial for the company.

 6. Try to be a role model
Of course the role model here is a positive thing to do. Give a good example for your employees by always maintaining behavior inside and outside the company. Because as a boss, you will always get more attention from your employees.

Indeed, being a role model is not easy to do. But that doesn't mean you can't do it, because being a role model can start from a simple thing. For example, leaving before the company's active hours, not doing negative things outside the company (drinking alcohol, going to discotheques, etc.), and many more.

7. Occasionally arrange a schedule for refreshing shared employees
This is also very important to be applied in a company. No other than not you as a boss will always need maximum performance from employees to run the company. Where with maximum working employees will provide good feedback for your company.

That way you need to set up a picnic schedule or refreshing your company's extended family. This will certainly not be a hard thing for you to apply if indeed it will be good for your employees. The motivation of this one employee is not owned by every company, but there is no harm in you applying considering the results will be good for your company.

 8. Maintain social relations with employees
In the company, you are required to have an attitude and professionalism. But that does not mean that it makes you and your employees have a vulnerability in social relations. Intended here, you must maintain social relations so that employees are always open to you as a boss.

Of course that will have a good impact on your company. Because with good social relations, employee motivation will be encouraged and make you have other relatives besides blood relatives.

9. Make the work atmosphere always positive
As a boss, of course, you expect employees to work optimally. This will not be separated from how to provide motivation for your employees with positive things too. Making fun and positive work atmosphere is also one of the supporting factors to get maximum employee work results.

To present a positive work atmosphere also needs to be provided with positive thinking first. As a boss, you should have it, because with a positive mind to get a positive work atmosphere is also not a difficult thing.
 10. Free employees to get their motivation
A small example of getting a good and maximum employee motivation, is to free them to organize work desks according to their wishes. Of course employees who are positioned as staff or who are usually struggling all day at their desk, will feel bored if their work table is not in accordance with their identity.

Then you should free them to arrange their work table according to their wishes. That way your employee motivation will always be well maintained because of these trivial things. Besides that there are still many who make it feel motivated like carrying a pet, of course, as long as it doesn't disturb other employees, and many more.

It is important, as a leader, never differentiate between contract employees and permanent employees to always maintain harmony.

With 10 tips to be a boss who is able to motivate employees the spirit of working above, of course you as a boss must immediately throw away the rules that make employees lazy to work. Hopefully in your planning to build a better company, the tips above can be useful.

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