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10 Reasons Employees Resign from the Company

10 Reasons Employees Resign from the Company

There is also the opposite, having a high salary but not loving his job. In addition to the above problems, there are still many other problems that must be faced by employees.

If so, the solution that will be taken by the employee is resigning from the company. But besides the problems above there are still many reasons for employees to resign. Then, what reasons are often expressed by employees? Come on, see along with the presentation below!

1. Career Paths Are Not Clear

The importance of employees to read employment contracts in addition to seeing their rights and obligations, you also have the right to know about the increase in career paths in the company.

Surely what is stated in the agreement is the "promise" of the company to its employees.

If the "promise" is not carried out it will result in employee disillusionment with the company. His sacrifice will be in vain because the career that should be obtained is not realized.

The increase in position obtained in a company also varies, such as managers, supervisors, heads of divisions, and company leaders. It's just that to get the promotion a test is needed and also the stages are not easy.

2. Boring Work Routines
Next is about doing work routines that can lead to boredom. If employees feel bored in their work, chances are they are bored doing work for 8 hours every day.

There is no longer a challenge for work that can be done so that the morale will decrease This is indeed not supposed to happen to employees because everyone has been given responsibility.

It's just that, if the signs above have been smelled by you as the leader, it is necessary to do innovation in everything. Whether it's a renovation of the division, inviting picnic employees, giving rewards, and so on.

This step certainly needs to be done before the best employee in your office resigns and chooses to work elsewhere.

3. There is a conflict at work
It's not something new if there is a conflict in a company. Whether it's a conflict with a fellow employee or boss.

The conflict arises because various problems can be from work or personal matters. If left clear, it will not be comfortable in working, especially if the conflict must be with a division friend.

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If so, many employees prefer to resign rather than resolve the problem.

Supposedly, the conflict can be overcome by the mediation between employees or leaders. If indeed it is a matter of work it is better to reconfirm it so that it does not become a recurring mistake.

Conversely, if the conflict is about personal matters, it must be resolved outside the office. And as much as possible so that the conflict does not spread until other employees also interfere in the matter.

4. Not Getting Appreciation
Not getting appreciation from the leader or head of the division will result in the receipt of someone from the company.

In nature, a human being wants to be valued and also appreciated even though it is small. Therefore, this attitude must be possessed by every leader.

This means that as leaders must know when your employees deserve to be considered and also to be given an appreciation.

The appreciation given should not be excessive, but according to what he has done. This appreciation was given not to make him become arrogant but to be able to foster confidence.

Of course when confidence has grown, your employees are ready to accept all the work that is already their responsibility.

In addition to giving appreciation, give a constructive criticism. That way your employees understand which ones must be repaired and also maintained.

If there is no appreciation or input from the leadership, then don't be surprised if one day your employee will resign.

5. Not given the opportunity to develop themselves
One reason employees can resign can also be due to factors from the company that do not give him the opportunity to develop themselves.

On the other hand, the company demands its employees to work quickly, precisely, and in accordance with procedures. But on the other hand employees were not given the opportunity to get better knowledge than before.

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Therefore, a company needs to present a coaching and briefing to its employees. Can be in the form of training, seminars, or other training that supports his work.

Or if it is not possible to do so, then the leader himself must provide the debriefing so that employees can develop themselves in a better direction.

If this is not done, then in a short time or your employees are more likely to resign and look for a better place.

6. Non-Conducive Office Environment
The conducive word in the company actually means so much. This can be related to religion, customs, places, and so on.

For example, many Muslim employees who complain about the difficulty of worship because of the availability of places or hours of worship they must continue to work.

But because living in a country that has a variety of beliefs, it should be able to provide policies that are tolerant.

This will indeed be something sensitive, but this is also included in the category of reasons for employees to resign.

Next is about the place of the company itself. It may be that as long as this employee works the work place he occupies is not secure or causes difficulty in concentrating on work.

If indeed the workplace is not too conducive, it is usually handled by arranging the room accordingly. The influence of comfort and conduciveness is very important for employees before they decide to change direction.

7. Want to Try a New Job
The reason employees can resign can also be because they want to try a new job. It was born because it could be bored or it could be that the employee always wanted to try something new.

It might be, when he is looking for something new because this employee has the type of person who likes challenges.

They still want to explore other worlds of work until they finally find a job that suits them.

Usually this happens a lot for fresh graduate or fresh graduate workers. Their enthusiasm for working is still high and wants to try out a world that they haven't done.

If you find a type of employee like this and it is a shame to be released, you should give a job challenge that you have never done before. Of course, giving these responsibilities must be in accordance with company regulations.

8. Changing Company Policies
When a company carries out policies that change and harm employees, be prepared to receive a resignation letter from your employee.

Often these changing policies make employees lazy to work because they are not in accordance with the agreement at the outset.

Usually this policy changes due to changes in management on the part of the company. Automatic policies previously created will no longer apply.

For example in terms of promotions or salary. If this has become a habit every year and when the change of leadership of the policy is removed, then be prepared to accept criticism, suggestions, even letters of resignation from employees .

If the company does have to change leaders and make new policies. Then the policy must be based on the welfare of its employees.

Because they are, the company can progress and develop well. If it is not possible to conduct deliberations with the leaders, at a minimum you should call on the heads of the relevant divisions for the policy.

9. Better Career Elsewhere
The next reason is when employees want to resign because there are better careers elsewhere. It may be that the career has been awaited for a long time, so willing to give up his previous job.

For example, if someone wants to become a civil servant or civil servant and has been waiting for a long time then when there is an announcement your employee passes by itself will resign from the company.

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As we all know, becoming a civil servant in this country is indeed a matter of pride because in their old days they were still able to receive benefits that could support their families.

Aside from being a civil servant, there may also be your employees who want to work in a prestigious company. Of course, the work in your company will be released.

The company itself cannot actually ban it because everyone has their own ideals. Of course it would be wiser if you did not overlook the matter. If you understand their desires, then you will always work in your company.

10. Want to be Entrepreneurial
The reason employees want to resign is one of them is to be entrepreneurial. It is common knowledge, however, that when someone wants to work there is another factor he wants to do is to raise capital for entrepreneurship.

Of course, as a leader you cannot limit or prohibit this because the salary they receive is indeed their right to use anything.

As leaders, they cannot prohibit them from becoming entrepreneurs. Because maybe the potential he has is in that field.

Usually the strongest motivation for someone to become an entrepreneur is to get bored with being an employee. Also bored with the routine that must be done every day. Then anyone who uses the reason wants to be closer to his family than having to linger in the office.

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