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10 Attitudes of a Good Leader, Do You Have These Traits

10 Attitudes of a Good Leader, Do You Have These Traits

Psychologists agree that the pure leader is born of someone who has a choleric character. Where He is destined to have a firm character and be able to lead.

In addition, the nature of this leader is born from the environment that forms it so that these characteristics emerge and become inherent in him.

Even so, every person has a minimal lead soul to lead themselves to determine the direction of their best life according to themselves.

But to be an ideal and good leader must have good and distinctive attitudes. Because the leader will be the spotlight and example for his men.

Then, what kind of good attitude should a leader have? Here's the review!

Get to know the good attitude that must be owned by a leader

1. A Leader Has Good Communication
the attitude of a good leader
The leader has good communication

Being able to communicate well is the main capital that a leader must possess. Because the policy or decision that will be issued if it is not communicated well will be the main focus of every person, especially its subordinates.

At present, in the digital era which is classified as free, how many leaders "fall" because they cannot communicate well. As a result, his subordinates also questioned the leadership capacity in him.Therefore, this communication is not something that is playful. It requires special skills to learn it.

Then there is nothing wrong if you feel lacking in terms of communication, ask for help from the best communication expert to be able to train you in that matter.

If you have good communication skills, then you will also be easy to communicate with subordinates at various levels.

Because you already have qualified knowledge to bridge everyone's aspirations.

2. Having a Courageous and Inspiring Attitude
A leader must have a brave attitude. In the sense of taking the risk and also making decisions.

If that attitude is not ingrained in you or there is still doubt in deciding something, then you have to practice it.

Be a leader who is able to be inspiring for your subordinates or colleagues. Show in every action, always use words and sentences that motivate your subordinates.

Of course if a leader does not have a courage, then he will lose the trust of his men.

Boldness in making decisions must also be accompanied by the risks that will be taken because then the doubts that perch in you will disappear.You also have to be able to convince your men that the courageous attitude taken by him is the best decision and right for them.

You dare to make a decision means you also have to take the risk and be responsible for what happens in the future.

3. A Leader Always Be Yourself
No doubt, someone who has become a leader must have someone who fought for it. Therefore, there is a sense of reciprocity to be the person they want to be.

Even though it may be what they want you to contradict the conscience so deciding something is based on the views of others.

It should be avoided by a leader. It does not mean putting other people's opinions, but what is feared is something that you decide is still dependent on others because you are afraid of taking the wrong step.

Though it should be, the opinions of others are accommodated and considered first. It's only been decided according to your needs and policies that are in accordance with your conscience.

Be yourself, so people will judge you deserve to be a leader who has his own principles.

4. The attitude of a leader can always respect other people
The next attitude that a leader must have is to be able to respect others.

The way to be able to respect other people is easy but sometimes forgets or lazy to express, such as saying thank you to others not only has he given something but also not to forget when he helped you.

Besides that, also express forgiveness, which is sometimes difficult to get out of a leader. If the leader is wrong, it doesn't hurt to say so. Because by saying your status as a leader will not fall.Next is the word help who is sometimes proud to say a leader. If the leader wants something, it doesn't hurt to say so because those below will feel valued.

If the leader has that respect, it will affect both their performance and their trust in you.

5. Be calm when under conditions of pressure
The next attitude that must be possessed by a leader is to be calm when under pressure.

In the world of work, for example, pressure will definitely exist so that it often makes emotions become uncertain.So as a leader, the attitude that can be done is calm. Don't get angry or blame others so that your subordinates don't respect you.

Precisely in these conditions, you must act as a "hero" who can find a solution. If necessary, involve your subordinates to sit together to find solutions to what happened.

From that input, you can make decisions that are indeed the best and have been well considered.

6. Have a modest attitude
The next attitude that a leader must have is humble. Even though you are a leader, try not to be taller than they are so you rule arbitrarily.

Precisely being a leader is an opportunity for you to be able to think of other people, prosper, and also guide them to get better.That way they will be very fortunate to have a leader who does not use his position to act arbitrarily.

7. Have an honest attitude
Honestly every person must have, whatever his position. However, because this leader will always be in the spotlight, this honest attitude must be owned by a leader.

At present, honesty is at stake especially by leaders. Because in reality there are many dishonest leaders, especially those concerning the economy such as corruption, fraud, and so on.

Therefore, honesty is something that is very heavy and at stake. If the honesty of a leader is lost, then his integrity as a leader is immediately destroyed.

It may be that the leader is not trusted back to lead them. Mak from that, be responsible for what other people trust.

8. Have a Creative Attitude
A good attitude that must be owned by the next leader is creative. Creative here is not about artwork or skill shows in that field.

However, you must be able to provide creative solutions or ideas in realizing a goal that will be achieved together with your subordinates.

Especially in this sophisticated era, every person, especially leaders are required to be able to think openly to a change and make it become something creative and innovative.

Of course to be able to be a creative person is also needed to enter and opinion from other people who if you can give you the best idea in making a decision.

9. Have Good Time Management
At first glance, the task of the leader is easy, that is, just coming to an office or institution to check all the work that has been done by his subordinates.

Or just come to the office at a certain time and do a lot of business trips that often make subordinates feel jealous.

However, behind the assumption that all of that is a leader is the main source that must manage all your needs through the time management he made.

And that is the attitude that must be possessed by a leader. The leader must be able to manage everything through the best management of time.

Where he will place someone who is qualified to be able to help and ensure that time management runs well.

If a leader does not have the ability to manage time well , then it can be sure that the performance process will be hampered.

10. Having a diligent and always enthusiastic attitude
Basically, leading it is a central figure whose behavior will set an example for his men.

Therefore, be careful when acting because if you do not have an enthusiastic attitude when you come to the office, for example, then the aura will spread to your subordinates.

Therefore, leaders must always have an attitude of enthusiasm whatever the conditions. Be a leader who is able to bring your men to success because of the passion that you have.

In addition to having an attitude of enthusiasm, you must also have a diligent attitude. In a sense it can be an example of not giving up on what must be struggled or studied.

Because perseverance will take you to the gate of real success.

Attitudes That A Leader Must Avoid

The main attitude that must be avoided by a leader and become something important is as follows:

• Being Authoritarian
The leader who has this attitude can certainly not be liked by his men. Because they work like "robots" who continue to be forced according to the will of their leader.

• Mixing Mix Personal Affairs with Work
The next attitude that must be avoided by a leader is to mix up personal and work affairs.

Because then you will be assessed as an unprofessional leader at work.

• Release from responsibility
A leader who is free from responsibility means that there is no readiness to become a leader in him.

He will bestow all the problems on his subordinates and of course it will gradually become chaotic without a leader.

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