The Harmful Effects of Poor Picture Framing Choices

What are the harmful outcomes of poor photo framing?

Choices made whilst choosing a image body or a way to frame a photo can dramatically affect the lasting traits of the framed photo. It is generally in hindsight that we remorse poor framing selections made in haste or compelled into via a custom image body representative.

The damage that occurs to pix through the years consists of:

Acid Burn

Acid burns on works of art are generally brought on due to the fact the art work has come into contact with non acid-loose mat forums or mounting forums. Yellowish-brown burn strains are due to acids launched as the lignin in wooden pulp products breaks down. Alum, an acidic binding agent frequently used in board manufacture, hastens the breakdown of the matting. The acids released reason art work to discolour and become brittle through the years.


Air-borne pollutants integrate with moisture and convey acids with no trouble absorbed through the paintings. Pictures hung above fireplaces or in the kitchen are exposed to extra stages of pollutants from cooking or burning. The pollutants will purpose organic modifications in some paint pigments and mediums inflicting lengthy-term harm.

Mounting Damage

Pressure touchy tapes include solvent. If they may be used for framing, the solvent will soak into the paintings. Some tapes elevate from the artwork inflicting it to fall from the mount. Other tapes completely bond inflicting damage if they ever should be eliminated. Picture framers use a ramification of tapes inclusive of double-sided tapes for affixing mat boards together, hinging tapes for containing pictures to the backing or matting and various adhesive tapes for sealing the backing of the frame.


Foxing is the call provide to the reddish-brown patches as a result of a mixture of steel salts, mould, excessive humidity and excessive temperatures. They appear gradually through the years and are an early warning signal that the photograph is slowly deteriorating.

Condensation And Bleed

Moisture from condensation behind the glass promotes mildew growth and may purpose shades to bleed. When pix are displayed in which they'll get some direct daylight the internal of the framed paintings will warmness up and draw moisture into the frame which then condenses as the air cools.

What Damages Artwork?

Works of artwork are prone to damage and it is the picture framer's obligation to minimise the hazard of adverse any paintings by way of the choice of framing substances and how those substances are used.

Artworks can be broken by way of the following:

• light
• temperature
• acids
• humidity
• inherent faults
• bodily harm
• bugs
• pollutants


Exposure to light reasons chemical reactions and structural breakdowns in organic materials. The seen mild spectrum causes fading of certain dyes, bleaching of paper and shade changes in a few organic pigments. The greatest harm is finished by way of exposure to the ultra-violet light spectrum. Incandescent mild bulbs pose a hazard via heat but with the circulate toward fluorescent lighting the harm is much more likely to arise from the Ultra-Violet frequencies. For precious works of art, lighting must be managed to minimise publicity to those risks. Works of art framed beneath glass must be glazed with an ultra-violet filtering product like Conservation or Museum Glass.


Temperature performs a essential position within the destruction of art work. Humidity is likewise directly suffering from the temperature. The atmospheric temperature of the room in which the paintings is to be stored or displayed should be controlled with the temperature being ideally between 20 - 21 stages Centigrade. With higher temperatures humidity rises and chemical reactions increase. Another vicinity of subject is the sudden fluctuation of temperature generally caused by air-conditioning being became on and stale. The image expands and contracts with adjustments in temperature causing cracking and flaking over time.


Acids damage artworks by attacking their structure internally, weakening their aid and causing discolouration. Acids are released from materials photograph framers have used or every now and then with the aid of the supports the artist has selected to use.


The principal hazard of excessive humidity is the encouragement of mildew growth. Mold grows whilst humidity rises above sixty five%. Mold assaults the sizing in paper and weakens the sheet. Low humidity causes the drying out of artistic endeavors and could reason them to end up brittle. Most artworks should be stored with the humidity among 45 - 55%.

Inherent Faults

Many works of art are broken by their own creation. Papers which have been poorly sized. Artists the use of suspect pigments or horrific medium picks.Using a negative aid that has excessive acidity or lignins or by negative surface preparation.When artists keep to use inferior merchandise to make their works, the protection of the art is a hard method.

Physical Damage

Physical harm via poor dealing with is a place wherein picture framers can help to minimise the harm to works of art.Types of bodily harm that occur via poor managing are abrasions, creases, tears, fingerprints and dents.


Insects often go ignored and progressively purpose damage over the years. Some of the not unusual bugs that motive damage to photographs are, cockroaches, termites, wooden-computer virus and silverfish.


Atmospheric pollution can purpose fibre breakdown in paper and textiles. It can motive soiling and discoloration of surfaces. A build up of floor dirt traps moisture and promotes mould growth. The common pollution are Sulphur dioxide, ozone, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxides, air-borne particles or dirt.

To save you harm in your pix please select great framing substances and clean the back and front of the frame often paying close interest to whether there are any perceptible modifications that you be aware. If you word any minor harm inspect in addition and if required seek expert help from a custom photo framer or art conservator.

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